Sunday, May 6, 2012

Let me tell my flyfishing story: About 10 yrs ago i wanted to start flyfishing so I bought a kit at Walmart and tried to teach myself to cast, that lasted about 2 sessions and I decided it was not for me. Well 3 yrs ago , I was in a Bass Pro Shop in Bossier City,LA , the North Louisiana Fly Fishers was doing a tying demo, I started talking to a few guys, joined the club and the FFF in june of 2009, learned to cast a little and tie alot. Got my NLFF master tyer in 2011 and was elected to clubs board of directors for the 2011 session.In March I joined the Gray Wolf Fly Fishers also, but my passion is warm water flyfishing and tying so I am in the process of putting together a new fly club for warm water only in the north central region of Louisiana.

Fly Fest II

Yesterday was the Cane Country Fly Fishers, fly fest, had a great time , even tied some. met some new folks.Really looking forward to getting new club formed, have a few guys already wanting to join up and learn.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Mission of Dorcheat Fly Fishers

The mission of DFF, is to spread the word on warm water fly fishing and fly tying, This club will have no officers,only members that want to learn,or help spread the art of our sport. There will be a by-monthly meeting held at various locations depending on members locations.Membership fee is $20 a year, Outings will be based on member interest on a certain body of water. I will be holding a clinic on basic basic fishing and tying sometime in june, date and location TBA later.So if bream or bass fishing with a fly rod is in your future, please contact me about becoming a member of the DFF

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Caddo Conclave

I will be at the Caddo Conclave , Sat.4/28/12 at Caddo lake state park in Uncertain,Tx, This event is hosted by the East Texas Fly Club and the North Louisiana Fly Fishers , there will be lots of tying plus vendors selling there products, plus some programs , it will be a great time for all Hope to see you there.

New fly fishing club in north louisiana

Hey guys and gals, my name is Jamie Franklin and I am putting together a new warm water flyfishing and tying club,so if you are interested in flyfishing or tying for bream, bass, or any other warm water fish, please feel free to contact me.Later on I will be putting on a clinic in Minden,date not set , on the basics of flyfishing and fly tying for warm water